Our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

Section 1: Purpose

We want you to know what we are doing as a company to mitigate the spread of this illness and help protect you and your friends and families. This policy will explain these measures and how you can assist us in our efforts to promote a safe and healthy environment both at work and at home.

NOTE: This policy may be updated as new information is made available from local health and governmental bodies. To be notified about our changes in policy you can subscribe to our mailing list and/or this page’s RSS feed.

Section 2: Delivery Targets

Our print provider network is working diligently on ensuring a smooth order fulfillment experience for you and your customers. While the surrounding situation has an inevitable impact on the global supply chain and print on demand processes, together we aim to surpass these challenges.

In fact, we have contracted with a supply chain that includes multiple print providers, so that we can route your order to the nearest appropriate provider based on your cart choices and selections, so that your order can be delivered in a timely fashion regardless of the availability of one particular partner’s production line and product selection.  

All providers utilize the same textile choices and print processes, with the same level of quality in the end product, and this all happens behind the scenes when every order is placed so that you have a seamless experience from the comfort of wherever you choose to place your order from up to the point of arrival for your shipment(s).  On this last point, do note that sometimes orders may arrive in batches due to our order routing.

This is the go-to page for all relevant operational information, including updates on crucial topics, fulfillment status, and other helpful resources.  If you do have questions or experience delays, please reach out and ask us directly so that we can do our best to serve you during this challenging time we’re all experiencing.